SCG conducts business operations and activities with fairness, transparency, and accountability in accordance with international standards.

  • The Board of Directors oversees governance in collaboration with top executives to ensure effective management, encompassing strategy formulation, policy implementation, and the allocation of key resources to achieve the company’s goals sustainably.
  • SCG personnel adhere to fairness, one of the four core values of SCG that have been passed down from generation to generation. Best practices have also been compiled into “SCG Code of Conduct” and “SCG Corporate Governance” Handbook, with the Board of Directors and top executives serving as role models.
  • SCG places emphasis on cultivating the sense of doing what is right among employees, with desired behavior passed on by directors, executives, and employees through generations and solidified into a corporate culture.
4 Core Values

Process for Fostering Corporate Governance in SCG

Awareness building through communication

SCG Code of Conduct is communicated to employees at all levels and incorporated into training programs for new employees. Relevant policies are also communicated through messages from top executives, emphasizing awareness cultivation, with the Board of Directors and top executives serving as role models.

Testing and evaluation

Ethics e-Testing and e-Policy e-Testing are administered to ensure that employees understand and can properly apply the code of conduct and relevant policies. In tandem, corporate governance performance is evaluated by both internal and external agencies annually.


Employees and stakeholders can provide tip-offs or report violations or irregularities in SCG’s business operations through SCG Whistleblowing System.


The management reports violations of the code of conduct and complaints received to the Board of Directors on a regular basis.


SCG’s disclosure is in compliance with international practices, such as GRI, SASB, and TCFD. ESG performance assessment guidelines, such as DJSI, CDP, Sustainalytics, and MSCI, have also been adopted to improve ESG management and disclosure, with the goal of maintaining SCG’s world-class leadership in sustainability.

Such practices have been the guiding principle for such a long time that they have become the heart of SCG’s corporate culture and business strategies. The application of ESG guidelines to the business context will empower change in order to create and pass on a better world to stakeholders in all sectors across the supply chain and the value chain of the business.
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