Innovation for
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Innovation for Better Living

With the cutting-edge technology-powered products, services, and total solutions to fulfill the customer needs and respond to people’s changing lifestyles in today’s era.

Green Construction Innovation
Cement and Building Materials Business, SCG, developed the CPAC GREEN SOLUTION to address the needs of customers in the construction industry while enhancing efficiency through “digital technology” and “construction innovation” in the construction process. Additionally, the solution contributes to minimizing the consumption of natural resources for a sustainable coexistence with society and the environment.
CPAC Drone Solution
An innovation for assessing the overall construction area helps reduce construction time and lower the rate of construction errors, ensuring safety in high-risk areas and enhancing the efficiency of land use.
A digital technology that provides an overview of the construction ecosystem in every step since the design. The process can detect pre-construction errors and track the project’s progress to ensure it meets its target. Once the project is delivered, the data gained from the system can be used to manage the next projects, lowering the rate of rejects, rework, and waste.
CPAC 3D Printing Solution
A 3D printing solution with structural forming technology, enabling structures and buildings to be constructed in desired shapes and forms, lowering the use of labor and the amount of waste generated on construction sites.
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