Innovative eco-friendly farming technology that can save cost and generate added value to products sustainably.
1. Farm Solutions
To advance toward smart farming, innovations and IoT technologies are adopted to minimize risks from natural disasters, increase product quality, and contribute to a better quality of life and society.

Modern Organic Farm:

  • Create experience
  • Generate income
  • Bring happiness
  • Foster stability
2. Land leveling and rice field’s expansion (with laser levelers)
3. The use of KAS Crop Calendar Application
The application facilitates crop planning, helps controlling irrigation and fertilizer application to match the needs of the plants.
4. The use of agricultural drones
Agricultural drones help farmers to reduce production cost and labor’s need in the agricultural sector as well as enhance the quality of life of farmers.
5. Promotion of zero-broadcast and zero-burn agriculture

Environmental Benefits of SMART FARMING

Smart farming is no longer a distant future. With technologies which applied to every step of farming management, agriculture has become easier than ever.
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