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the packaging to prolong fruits and vegetable freshness
The shelf life of fresh fruits and vegetables is limited, thus, troubling entrepreneurs or stores who fail to sell them in time before becoming food waste and increasing their costs. SCGP’s innovation, the OptiBreath® packaging, can store and extend the shelf life of fruits and vegetables for a longer period when compared to normal packaging.
It is made from flexible packaging and adopts the packaging development technology with the special materials and systems called the Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP). In the process, the selection of materials and production of the film is designed to match the different fruits and vegetable packaging. This helps to maintain the items’ freshness with utmost efficiency. Also, holes are created to control the balance of the atmosphere inside the packaging and provide the appropriate oxygen absorption and transpiration, in turn, this prevents fogging and protects against contamination. As a result, stores and consumers can store items for longer while preserving freshness, color, smell, and taste as well as slowing down the growth of microorganisms.
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