Plant to “Cool” The Planet
When “the world we care about” is on the brink of “global warming.” It’s not only just the rising temperature but also a sign that the planet is sick. The results are the toxic air pollution from PM 2.5, which we breathe with paranoia, extreme climate events such as severe heat weather, prolonged winter, and unseasonal rains. The nature’s relaxing heavens – forests and oceans – are facing some changes.
One of the simple and effective ways to mitigate the problem is "tree planting."
It not only improves the air quality, allows you to breathe confidently into your lungs, and gives cool shade, happiness, and stress relief, but also absorbs CO2 gases, which is a major contributor to global warming.
Planting trees can give long-term benefits to us and the world. It’s cool to cool the planet. Getting a tree to sprout and blossom may not be easy. It takes understanding, attention, and care for the tree to thrive. If you succeed, you’ll be able to take pride in your accomplishments. Planting trees will help to cool the world and slow down the effects of global warming.
Who Wants to Make the Change? Are you ready to change to help solve the climate change crisis?

SCG teamed up with green Gen Ys to tackle the “Climate Change” crisis. SCG arranged “Who Wants to Make the Change? Let’s Grow Seagrass at Trang” trip as part of the “Plant-Beat-Heat” project. Trippers will work together in the field to grow seagrass, which is hailed as a global warming hero. Moreover, they are 35 times more effective at reducing global warming than planting trees on the land. The activity was organized at Modtanoi Community, the largest seagrass meadow in Thailand, in Kantang District, Trang Province. The goal is to promote an experience sharing in resolving the global warming challenge. Seagrass, in particular, can absorb carbon dioxide more than other terrestrial trees and help to restore marine resources to abundance. Participants would gain knowledge and be brave to take actions to change the world for real through activities ranging from Learn From the Real. This is an activity that distributes the significance and connections between local habitats and seagrass/mangrove ecosystems by environmentalists; Grow Your Plant, an activity designed to get participants involved in the appropriate and sustainable planting of mangrove forests and seagrass, and Nature Reconnect. An activity is designed to connect people to fishers that coexist with nature. Participants also learned how to convey the message to others to make a lasting impact on the world.

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