The Goal of Elevating the Quality of Life,
Reducing Social Inequality

“Community Waste Management” Project

Reducing waste and creating a new source of income for communities
SCG is committed to promoting systematic waste management and driving changes in production and consumer behavior in accordance with the circular economy principles. The effort started off with SCG employees in 2018 through a Bang Sue Model, a waste management program implemented at SCG Headquarters at Bang Sue. The project met with an enormous success, instilling the idea and inspiring employees to manage waste at source in line with the concept “Maximize resources, segregate waste, and dispose of waste properly”. It was found that the employees achieved 100% accuracy in waste segregation, reduced over 22 tons of waste per month, and utilized 110% of waste. The successful model has been expanded to communities surrounding SCG plants to create a model community with integrated waste management and expand to other networks in every sector.
“The Ban Pong Model” – Building upon a waste management model at Ban Rang Phlub Community in Ban Pong, the Ban Pong Model is a successful expansion at the Amphoe level, winning the Zero Waste Community award in the large-scale village category in 2020 from the Department of Environment Quality Promotion. With support from SCG, 17 local administrative organizations in Amphoe Ban Pong as well as government and private sectors and the locals, the Ban Pong Model aims to expand the zero waste community effort to cover all 183 communities in Amphoe Ban Pong by 2023. In 2020, the Model extended its coverage to 59 communities, resulting in a 93% reduction in organic waste and waste management value of 1.23 million baht. Moveover, it has transformed the Amphoe once plagued with overflowing trash into a clean city. Three of the participating communities were chosen to represent the region for the national Zero Waste Community award including Ban Nong Mai Fao, Ban O I Khieo,and Ban Nong Takhaeng.Ban Nong Mai Fao, Moo 4, Khao Klung district received an honorable mention from the Zero Waste Community award at the national level in its first attempt.
“Waste to Wealth” – To materialize the circular economy principles, promoting participatory engagement of all sectors is key to achieving sustainable development. To that effect, SCG has compiled lessons learned from multiple waste management efforts into a book entitled “Waste to Wealth”, consisting of 12 successful waste management models in line with the circular economy principles that can inspire and be expanded into an extensive waste management network at a national level. The key to success rests with the determination of the leader and the engagement of everyone in the community that can make change happen. As the amount of waste decreases, the quality of life improves as a result.
Also, it creates sentimental value, fosters relationship, builds strength, and generates income for every community. The “Waste to Wealth” book is available for download at Watse to wealth
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