for Sustainable Future


Multinational Consumer Packaging Company
SCGP operates a packaging business on a global scale, offering paper and polymer packaging products, providing solutions to fulfill the diversified packaging needs of customers with ESG as the heart of business operations. Additionally, it has expanded its expertise in consumer goods and healthcare and medical.

Develop nanocellulose to make recycled paper packaging more durable and lighter in weight, hence reducing transportation costs.

Focus on developing consumer-oriented packaging, such as packaging that extends the freshness of vegetables and fruits, reduces storage costs, and decreases food waste.

Expand business reach into the markets for healthcare and medical products, such as gel & spray alcohol hand sanitizer, the half respirator mask of high quality that is capable of filter out 99% of bacteria and small particulates, and water soluble laundry bags that dissolve at 65 °C without leaving residues, which is environmentally friendly and lowers the risk of COVID-19 infection for users.


Designed to use fewer resources but durable and robust.


Designed to have multi-function benefits to extend the lifespan.


Use recycled and recyclable materials.


Promote recycling by partnering with organizations on a scrap paper buying effort.

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