The Goal of Elevating the Quality of Life,
Reducing Social Inequality

Taksa Pipat School,
(SCG Skills Development School)

Shaping people, building careers, and creating gentleman drivers
Recognizing the importance of road safety, SCG established the Skills Development School, a private non formal vocational school authorised by the Ministry of Education and complying with the National Education Act. The purpose of the school is to develop personnel to have awareness, knowledge, and skills in road safety.
Philosophy of Taksa Pipat School
Taksa Pipat School has adopted the principle of development according to the royal initiative “Understand, Access, Develop” as a philosophy and the heart of teaching and learning.
  • Understand : Enabling the understanding of basic information by studying all dimensions of information and gathering necessary knowledge to develop and pass on to learners.
  • Access : Communicating and encouraging learners’ engagement by focusing on creating learners’ understanding and confidence so they can analyze problems and extensively participate in the development process.
  • Develop : learning to develop skills and extend networking. Course designing. Brainstorming and hands-on practice. Giving advice, monitoring and evaluating the both in the country and in ASEAN.
The objectives of Taksa Pipat School
    • To give knowledge and raise awareness of safety as well as to develop working skills through upgrading of knowledge and skills of freight drivers
    • To promote and implement the safety among driving personnel. The promotion will sustainably help reduce road accidents.
    • To encourage cooperation between government and private sectors in human resource development in line with national development.
140,000 people have passed the training from the school from 2011 to 2019. During the spreading of COVID-19, “Taksa Pipat School” conducted two driver training courses to enhance skills of more than 200 unemployed, namely the driver course for land transportation and forklift operator course. All trainees got employed immediately at the completion of the courses.
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