The Goal of Elevating the Quality of Life,
Reducing Social Inequality

“The Learn to Earn” Project,

Reducing educational inequality, giving opportunities, and creating jobs.
SCG Foundation has carried out the Sharing the Dream project for over 58 years to provide scholarships to children and youths from elementary to tertiary levels who are in need and have demonstrated good conduct and determination to study, empowering them to complete their education and have a career to earn income to support themselves and become a good member of society.
To date, the Foundation has granted over 100,000 scholarships with a total value of 1,000 million baht. The scholarships are unencumbered and will be continuously granted until the beneficiaries graduate with a Bachelor’s Degree.
In the wake of the evolving circumstances that make it harder to find a job, it is vital that individuals develop strong professional skills that will be valuable to job employment. To bridge educational divide and ensure better chances of employment, the Foundation has initiated the Learn to Earn project, providing scholarships to recipients in the fields that address the market demand and enable them to make a living. The scholarships are classified into three categories:
  • 1. Formal education encompasses the levels of vocational certificate, high vocational certificate, and bachelor’s degree in public health, medical education, industry, digital technology, modern agriculture among others. A total of 1,200 scholarships have been granted in 2021.
  • 2. Short courses that are in demand and could be completed in a short period of time (less than one year) and lead to quick employment. Examples include courses for nursing assistants, dentist assistants, caregivers, tranditional Thai massage practitioners, handymen, farmers growing cash crops or raising livestock. In 2021, over 120 scholarships have been granted.
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